AEP Acoustics is a full-service acoustical engineering and consultancy company based in Phoenix, Arizona. We specialize in a broad range noise and vibration measurement, evaluation, and reduction in a variety of building and construction needs. We plan and implement smart solutions to any unwanted industrial and commercial noise issue from start to end, though we also offer our clients the option to hire our services at any point of the project. However, we would advise you to avail of our services as early as possible in the design phase so that you can get more value from your budget.   Our team consists of technical experts and professionals with at least 10 years of experience in fields related to architectural engineering and physical acoustics. You can hire us for evaluating and controlling noise issues in residential and commercial structures, churches, manufacturing plants, and entertainment venues. What sets us apart from the rest is our background and experience in professional musical and recording engineering. Our CEO himself, Carl Byers, holds a bachelor’s degree in music, a master’s degree in acoustics, and a doctorate degree in Physics. Having almost 20 years of experience in noise control and acoustic consultancy, he started his career as a recording engineer and decades later, became a university professor of physics and math. For your architectural acoustics, acoustical engineering, and noise control needs, count on AEP Acoustics to provide you with excellent yet cost-saving services.