We specialize in architectural acoustics, acoustical engineering, and noise control for a variety of construction and building requirements. Our clients count on us to provide sensible long-term solutions for commercial, industrial, entertainment, and construction projects.

Take a look at our service offerings, choose one that suits your needs best, and let us know how we can help you.

Architectural Acoustics

• Assistance to mechanical engineers, architects, and clients with the assessment of existing building designs in the planning and/or execution phases
• Subcontractor services to engineers and architects
• Turn-key services in the structure design itself through our certified associates

• Design and assessment of rooms, studios, churches, entertainment facilities, concert halls, auditoria, and convention halls for critical recording and listening
• Design of acoustical environments in restaurants, hotels, and shopping malls

Tip: You can hire us to start working on a project at any phase. However, to get better value for your money, it is recommended that you enlist our services in the design phase as soon as possible. We can customize a contract and project timeline that is tailor-fit to your specific needs.

Acoustical Engineering

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Consultancy – assistance in the forecast and modeling of the interaction between sound and solids

Computation and Modeling
• Creation of computational/theoretical forecasts of the properties of solid surfaces
• Computation of sound propagation in structures and fluids using advanced computing solvers and techniques

Noise Control
• Impartial and practical expert advice on the most cost-efficient options for noise control projects in building construction
• Architectural sketches, technical reports, and specifications in noise control projects